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Living the true, La Dolce…Whatever! life: Or, gelato and rum for dinner. 

Domani – domani! My ambitious blog on being a single American woman sick in a small rural village will not get written and my lovely marsala sage chicken will not get cooked tonight. After going shopping and finding some amazing bargains (local wine on sale for about $2 a liter!), I was so tired when I got home that I just decided to have Italian rum and some gelato for dinner. I don’t think that I’ve been this tired in a very long time. And I certainly don’t feel like trying to write anything coherent. I got some wonderful Marsala and Sicilian pomodoro sauce, Bottles of Prosecco for about $3 each and some great Italian herbs and spices and other staples, but I’m just plain done in. I’ll work on my blog and try to get back into the Montefino/Fonte delle Monache groove tomorrow. But, that is the special thing about writing a blog and living “La Dolce…Whatever!, isn’t it?